Muse: Laney Coletti

When going through the process of finding a model for a Frockify photoshoot, it is always a hard task. When it comes to my female models, I have a very specific kind of personality, look, and vibe I look for. The kind of woman I envision wearing Frockify, is the kind of woman I want my model to be.
I am so lucky to know so many great women from where I grew up in AZ and where I live now in NYC. I have known Laney for almost a decade as a fellow musician from AZ and always loved her look – I love when gals have bangs because I do and I want to join a bangs club. Anyway, for this particular shoot, I curated a story that focused on bright colors, short, mod dresses, and vintage frocks that were reminiscent of women in music – from Nancy Sinatra to Grace Slick. Laney had the perfect look for this Spring collection. But, beyond her look, I knew Laney would be perfect because she has a strong sense of self, is passionate about her work and her music, and has the personality and attitude that embodies, to me, the “Frockify Babe”. I was thrilled when Laney actually accepted my request for her to model for me and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Get to know Laney a little more in our Frockify Q&A:
    First of all, thank you for modeling for Frockify. I know it wasn’t the most comfortable thing for you to commit to, but I’m glad you did. What made you decide to say “yes” to modeling for us?
There are a few key reasons why I decided to say “yes” to modeling for Frockify:
I’m always looking for ways to contribute to the local economy and community, and even more so if they’re friends of mine. Helping out local businesses helps our entire community thrive and grow, and this is especially important in order to give new meaning to how we distribute our resources and wealth in the future.
Also, I don’t fit the typical model mold. I’m 5’7, 138lbs, and a size 4. I’m not very graceful and have zero experience modeling or being in front of a camera. So, I wanted to lead by example by showing women and young ladies that being healthy, happy, and a little awkward is beautiful; that being yourself, in your own skin is beauty. Throwing on some makeup and a gorgeous, hand-picked dress can certainly boost your confidence too! ;-)
Lastly, I had battled with a long history of social anxiety and wanted to challenge myself to be open to new experiences this year. Collaborating with Dakota and Andie during the photo shoot really opened my eyes to how productive things can be when they’re done as a group, and the kind of results people can build when they put their talent together. It created a win/win situation for all of us! I walked away feeling like I gained new knowledge around how to work with others, no matter the format, setting, or our past experiences. Big thanks to Dakota and Andie for sharing this opportunity with me!
    What do you do for work?
I started off my career as a web developer and engineer in both nonprofit and new media industries. I’ve since grown into a new role called Agile Coach. Agile Coaching is interesting, as it means something different to everyone that’s doing it.
For me, I wear many hats in tech, with focus on guiding tech teams to maximize their workflows while building on social and human capital. A lot of it is coaching, in the traditional sense of the word. Other areas touch on teaching agile fundamentals, mentoring teams on how to run and function like mini-startups, organizational behavior, group dynamics, continuous improvement, delivery of products, etc. I spend a lot of time helping businesses discover that when they unlock the full potential of their people through learning and professional growth, they can expect great results in their products. In other words, when your employees are succeeding, your business will succeed too. I seriously love my job!
    What is one thing you absolutely love and one thing you absolutely don’t care for when it comes to living in NYC?
Love the food, convenience, and culture. Hate that people are too often thinking about the future and never stopping to just live in the moment. New York is a very complicated system, so this really explains the reasoning behind the high rates of depression, anxiety, and health issues of its people. It also explains why everyone here is so freaking adaptable to change!
    Outside of normal work, you are a musician. Can you explain how you became a musician?
It’s genetic! Music has been a huge part of my family for generations. The first song I learned how to sing end-to-end lyrics to was Billie Jean, when I was 2. Music has just followed me wherever I go, spiritually, helping me through the hard times and lifting me up higher when things are good. She’s a friend I can count on and depend on, I always know she’ll be there to turn to. I’m very grateful to have music as a means of expression and decompression. Some people don’t have that…. I’m lucky.
    Where and when can we listen to your music, live or on the internet?
I’ve worked on a lot of projects in the past, but am currently working on something new that will be out at the end of this year / early next year. Typically I’m on bass, as is my fiance. This time around, I had to relearn how to play guitar while doing vocals, my fiance is on drums, and we’re working with an amazing bassist that we adore and respect (Zephyr Prusinski) to be the backbone.
I’ll post it on all the social media channels once it’s out!
    As a woman in the arts, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to the music community and your role in it?
The expectation that I’ll be doing all of the heavy business hitting - like marketing, booking, and overall project management. For some reason, I always end up in the situation of being “band mom”, and I really find that to be demoralizing. After having to pick up all of that work, you become vulnerable to being viewed as a “crazy bitch” when you call people out on not following through with their fair share.
Honestly, I’d love to work with an all female project! I think it could minimize some of the weight I’ve had to carry in the past, because most women are naturally hard workers that are born with grit. I won’t even go into the expectations people set for you while you’re on stage. It’s laughable, really.
    What is your greatest accomplishment (so far)?
Facing my fears straight on, and not beating myself up over irrational things. I’ve finally re-wired my brain to overcome those kinds challenges more quickly, not to say I won’t need another hard reset in the future! haha
    If you could visit one place right now, whether you have already been there or not, where would that be/why?
Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat. After living in NYC for over 5 years, I just want to spend a little time in the past to balance everything out.
    Who is the most important person to you and why?
David Saracino. He’s my fiance, my best friend, love of my life, and soulmate. We support each other, we can do anything together, and we understand that love is more than just ourselves as individuals or a couple, it’s greater than us. We just get it. #humblebrag
 You’re getting married soon… CONGRATS! What advice can you give to any newly engaged folks out there?
The engagement was awesome and the wedding will be too! You’re going to get through the time in between. Things might get weird. Families and friends might get weird. You might get tired of planning the wedding, but that’s okay! Just stay true to who you are as a couple, do what YOU want, and everything is going to work itself out just fine! :-)


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