Did you know... We Buy Vintage From Folks Like You

We Buy Vintage
Do you have some super fabulous vintage clothing? Do you want to make some money, open up some room in your abode, or don't know what to do with all of the clothing you have or acquired? Email us. We are mostly interested in vintage dating from 1910's - 1970's, but would love to view what you have either way.  We cannot guarantee to buy what you offer - we carefully curate our collection and only want items we believe are perfect for Frockify. If we do buy what you offer, we promise to take great care of what you have and will make sure it all goes to a good home.

How To Sell Us Your Vintage:
1) Send an Email to info@frockify.com with the following: Photos. Make sure they aren't blurry. Take a photo of the front, back, close up details on any part that is interesting, and any labels.

2) Provide a short description of your items (include era of the pieces if you know it, the history behind the pieces (example: my grandmother wore this to her friend's wedding in 1949), what the label reads, any imperfections like stains, rips, holes, odors, alterations, pilling, etc.).

3) Provide the size of the pieces. A general guess is just fine! If you have measurements, please include those.

4) Provide where you are located. You do not need to be in NYC to sell to us. If you are within 60 miles of us, we may drive to you and your collection. If you are further, and we love your items, we will pay for shipping.

5) Finally, please include the price in which you would like to sell your items at. Please remember we need to resell the item and make a profit after travel costs, cleaning costs, photography/model costs, etc. If you are not sure how much you want to sell your items at, feel free to let us know and we will offer you an amount. We look forward to seeing what you have!! 

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