Muse: Abigail Swift

I was so stoked that Abby agreed to be our model when we visited home in Arizona. I knew Abby through my friend, Courtney - they were neighbors growing up in Fountain Hills. I love Abby's look and knew she would absolutely slay in our vintage threads. Below meet Abby Swift in our Q&A series.

1) We hear you just graduated at ASU. Congrats! What was your major? 
Thanks! I managed to graduate in 3 years with degrees in Economics and Marketing! I actually just walked a few days ago and I am SO glad to be done! I am an honors student as well, but I'll be finishing up my thesis called "The Sports Marketing of Big Events: Super Bowl 50" over the summer (managing to write a thesis while trying to graduate a year early was a lot to juggle). I will be defending in July and receiving my honors degree in August! 

2) What do you plan to do now that college is over with?
I have been interviewing with a lot of different companies, but I am looking to go into Digital Media, specifically in data analytics or strategic teams. 

3) Tell us about yourself, and what you like to do for fun. 
On my free time I love to hang out with my roommate and my boyfriend, and my favorite activity is cooking and eating! I love finding new and interesting recipe ideas on Pinterest and putting my own creative spins on them. 

4) What is one thing you love about living in AZ, and one thing you could do without. 
I've lived in AZ all my life. I am originally from Sedona, so I am no stranger to the beauty that the desert provides. There is nothing quite like AZ sunsets, hot summer rains, and diverse landscapes. I know most people probably say the heat of summer is the worst, but I must confess that I would MUCH rather endure the 115 degree summers than the freezing winters of many other climates! My least favorite thing would have to be the bugs, mosquitos and 'no-see-ems' are DEAD TO ME. 

5) You were a natural at modeling; is this a career you would want? What modeling have you done in the past?
I've done some modeling before, never with an agency, but a lot of freelance things for private designers, Phoenix Fashion Week, and RAW artistry. One of the shoots I was involved in a few years back was even submitted to Teen Vogue (it didn't get selected as a layout piece, but it was still a cool thing to be a part of). Modeling is a fun thing to do on the side, but it isn't something I actively seek out or plan on doing as a career. 

6) What is one thing about you that most people don't know? 
Most people don't know that I spent a pretty big chunk of 2012 in Doha, Qatar. Living abroad, especially in the Middle East, was a life changing experience for me. I definitely have the travel bug, and I crave learning about cultures that are so shockingly different from the one I've been raised in. I highly recommend that people educate themselves about cultures that strike them as interesting or different, as it helps build a worldly, more accepting mindset within them! 

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