Coming Soon: Original Designs

I've always wanted to design clothing, but never went to school for it and never had anything close to proper training. Also, I can't draw... So, there's that. But I wanted to add some cool basics for chicks (men coming soon hopefully) to this site that will go with our awesome vintage stuff, or with anything in your current wardrobe. I decided that, even though I have no training or zero design capabilities, there had to be a way I could do this. And there was. 

Here's what I did:

1) Googled many things that got me no where, and decided to go to YouTube and typed: "Illustrator Fashion Design". I found this super helpful, but honestly a little tedious and annoying, video:

How to Illustrate your Fashion Designs - PART 1

2) Then I started to google local factories because it is very important to me that, if I'm going to make something, it must be made in the USA. I came across this super fabulous startup called "Maker's Row" that, through subscription, you can find local USA factories to make your stuff. As you can imagine, I am a complete beginner, so that meant I really needed to find the right place to help me. 

3) Found a place that I love dearly (so far). I emailed my ideas and they helped with everything. Today I went in for the first time to source fabric, and I found my perfect match.

More info to come soon! We are shooting for a September launch for two styles of original basics. 

-Dakota Jeane

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