Soft Launch: Success

Finally, on Monday, August 10, 2015, I revealed to my friends and family on social media what I have been working so hard on these last months since I was fired (blog post on that later, stay tuned…). I had no idea that so many people would notice or care that I had launched a website, but I am completely overwhelmed by the amazing responses and outpour of support. I think I am still in shock.

Then, early morning on the 11th I received my first sale. That feeling of getting a sale – a complete trust from someone that your product is worth buying – I was freaking out. Even though I have prepared everything to get to this point, I didn’t know how exciting it would be. The only way I can try to describe it is like: you know in the movie That Thing You Do (c’mon, best movie ever?), and their song comes on the radio for the first time, and they all start freaking out and dancing and singing? Well, that’s what it was like to get my first sale.

Now that I have taken the leap of sharing frockify with people I know, I will be soon taking a leap launching the site to people I don’t know. Before that happens, I want to continue trying to perfect frockify. If you have any (useful) feedback, I want to hear it. Email so you can share your thoughts.

Thank you all again for the amazing reaction to our soft launch and for your support. I seriously cannot put down in words how much it meant to me. This is just the beginning, there is a lot more to come.

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