Things We Love: Levi's Cutoff Shorts

Sure, summer is drawing near to an end, but it still isn’t over. What I love to wear during the warmer months are those perfect-fitting, never out-of-style, forever lasting Levi’s jeans that have been cut off for shorts. I have numerous pairs myself, and couldn’t imagine what my wardrobe would be like without them. Different lengths, different hues of denim blue, and button fly or zip fly are all options that every denim cutoff lover should have.


When winter comes you can either wear your regular Levi’s or you can throw on some tights under your cutoffs. A blog post on how to style it with tights is coming soon, because it just has to be done right. Stay tuned on that.


When we buy vintage Levi's, we don't mark up the price like you'll see on other websites, including the Levi's own website. We believe in fair and lower prices. These jeans were made 20-50 years ago and they all still look and feel brand new. That is the genius of them. But we still believe that your denim shorts, although they will last a lifetime, shouldn't cost like a luxury item.


We at Frockify hate to part with the amazing Levi’s we find while we are digging and hunting for great vintage, but we must. You know, we are a business after all… When we buy these vintage jeans, we will either find them already cut off, or we cut them ourselves. You’ll notice any shorts that are not yet frayed on the bottom, those we cut ourselves and the more you wear them, the more they fray just perfectly. The ones that already have fraying were masterfully cut by someone of the past. We have amazing styles for all sizes, see below and frock on.


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