Estate Sales - Part 1

I absolutely love going to estate sales. Some are good, some are misses, and some are freaking goldmines. I still get nervous when going to an estate sale. I don’t know why. Like, it’s actually kind of embarrassing how serious I take this and how nervous I really get. I suppose it’s because there is so much unknown. Will it be worth it to drive 1.5 hours? Will there be another vintage clothing lover trying to steal all the clothes I want? Will they be open to negotiating if their prices are high? Will there be ANY vintage clothing worth buying?


I stumbled across an estate sale posting online and they included “VINTAGE CLOTHING” in the title. I started freaking out a little and clicked. After looking through the very small photos, I decided I should at least give it a shot. It didn’t start until 12 PM and was an hour and a half away in NJ. I decided to leave at 10 AM just in case I needed to look for parking or if there were people already lining up. I set my gps to “avoid tolls” and went on my way.


When I finally arrived, there were probably about 10 cars parked in the cul-de-sac in front of the house. My heart started pumping and I knew that, even though I was 30 mins early, I was late. I grabbed my two large Costco reusable bags from the back of the car and shoved them into my purse. I walked up to the front door and noticed everyone standing around in the living room. I asked where the clothes were and he said they were downstairs in the basement and that it wouldn’t be open until noon. He said, “Get in line!” Ugh.


So I was about 10 people back in line and now I was really getting nervous. When the time finally struck 12 PM, they opened the door down into the basement and surprisingly everyone walked down slowly and spread out. There were at least 12 racks of clothing. I calmly went up to one rack that one lady had already scoured through.


SIDE NOTE: I take my time. Sometimes this can screw me over with others taking the good stuff first, but I don’t want to miss anything. I go through every single garment, look at the tags, and then thoroughly inspect it if I like it.


Back to story: So in the first rack I found this DOPE 1970’s maxi dress in amazing condition. I was so happy. I have been wanting some boho dresses that are flowy and bright. As I kept browsing from rack to rack the lady who went through that first rack quickly said, “Oh you must own a store or something,” as she was judging my already full two Costco reusable bags. I told her I own an online vintage store. She said, “Oh, well I only buy vintage clothes with labels and there’s nothing here.”


That really got me thinking. I don’t get super excited for vintage clothing with “labels” on them, meaning higher end brands. Of course if I came across some, I would certainly see if they were worth purchasing. But, what I really get excited about is clothing that people would actually wear today, and at prices that are affordable. In fact, my prices are comparable to Zara or Topshop, places you and I shop at. I love looking at vintage with labels, but not many people can buy an $900 Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons jumpsuit.


I talked to the lady who owned the house and asked her how she had so many great vintage items. It turns out, she owned her own vintage store. She was getting ready to retire and wanted to sell off what she could before downsizing. She was awesome.


I walked away with 12 amazing pieces. I can’t wait to share these items with you! Stay tuned, they’ll be up soon.
Preview of a faux fur jacket coming:


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