Photoshoot 9.12.15 / One Month-aversary

This Saturday we are hitting the streets of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn to shoot our first round of fall and winter styles. I am so excited to finally get new items up. It’s crazy that it has only been one month since our soft launch; it feels like it has been so much longer. I wanted to put new items up for weeks now, but I have to be patient and do it right.
I love doing photoshoots so much. It’s my second favorite part of my new job. My first favorite part is the “buying” process. Let’s be real, it’s shopping. Back to the photoshoot: I am really going to focus on showing my home, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a very important place to me and has had such an impact on my life. Brooklyn is where my (now) husband and I moved when we were ready to jump-start our dreams, where we found our cat who fills our lives with joy, where Michael proposed to me, and where we are finally moving back to in two weeks. Brooklyn means so much to me. This shoot means so much to me too. I am ready to really start hitting the ground and start making sales happen.
A great friend and former colleague of mine, Catherine Grace, will be the model. She is gorgeous and perfect for Frockify. She has the right amount of sweet and badass-ness that is Frockify. I already know it’s going to go so well. I cannot wait for you to get to know her.
Michael will be taking some behind the scenes photos that we will post on instagram during the shoot. As soon as the shoot is over I will spend every minute to get those items up asap. You’re really going to love everything.

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