Return Policy

We were going back and forth on what we should do regarding returns and whether the Frockify customer should front the cost or if Frockify should eat the cost. Due to trying to be competitive with pricing and trying to make a profit, I had it so the customer would have to pay for a return label. 

One of my husband's (Michael) coworkers loved the western jacket we have in our outerwear section but she didn't purchase it because, being a woman and the coat listed as men's, she wasn't sure if it would fit her. I decided to bring the jacket physically to their work so she could try it on and, sadly, it didn't fit!

The uncertainty of sizing in vintage clothing from 15-75 years ago is understandable. I try my best to take measurements on most items and to provide a modern day size for it to make it easier on you, but I now know it is necessary to take another step forward. 

In order to stay competitive I have decided that we, Frockify, will front the cost of returns within a five day period. I want you to feel comfortable enough to try on the item, and if it doesn't work for you, then you should be able to return it. Hopefully, you will want to purchase something else if that were to happen! :) We want you to keep coming back to us, not leave forever because of a stupid return policy! 

Please see our returns page for clarification, instructions, and "fine print", if you will. We really appreciate your business, more than you know. Thank you so much for being a Frockifyer and for supporting us, whether through purchases, or just if you like scrolling through our photos and blog posts. THANK YOU!


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