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Genevieve is one of those people you meet that completely surprises you with her life experiences and vast knowledge on many subjects. She is a wonderful woman that I now call my friend. I met Genevieve about eight years ago in Arizona, but we were never close and never had a meaningful conversation. We kept in light touch with each other through social media over the years and I followed her ever growing modeling career. When looking for a model for our second round of fall/winter looks, my best friend, Courtney, suggested that I get in touch with Genevieve. What a brilliant idea... 

The photoshoot went smoothly and was so much fun. We had a guest photographer, Andie Mistler (more on her soon!), and Genevieve modeled the clothing better than I ever could have imagined. Every look she tried on, suddenly the frocks became a part of her as if she transformed into the woman who once wore them in the past. 

After our photoshoot, we all sat down in my kitchen and had some coffee. We got to talking about important issues to young women, feminist issues, and love. The conversation made me feel so good about my generation, and the amazing women that will someday run our country (or schools, or hospitals, or businesses) and give birth to babies and teach them about compassion. It was so fun to talk to women, to have "girl talk". This short talk made me realize I really need to have more in-person conversations; I felt so great afterward and clearly don't take enough time to connect with more people on a personal level. 

A day or two after the shoot I asked her to complete a Q&A so that you all can get to know her better, but also because I wanted to know her take on these specific questions. Enjoy getting to know Genevieve with our Frockify Q&A.

Q&A With Genevieve Liberté


1) When was the moment you knew you wanted to model?

I started taking photos on film cameras, Polaroid’s and disposables when I was 12 then got my first digital point and shoot. My friends and I would spend every weekend playing dress up and shooting each other. I got a knack for posing and knowing both sides of the camera.

We’d spend an hour at the Walgreens photo lab waiting for images every Sunday and then we’d spend the rest of the day scanning them into the computer, importing into photoshop, and posting on Myspace. A family friend who worked for Ford Robert black saw the images and suggested I pay the agency a visit.


2) As a woman in the arts, what has been your biggest challenge when it comes to your work?

The biggest challenge of being a woman in the Arts has been striving to achieve balance with the business aspects of what I do while preserving the feminine energy & artist who maintains the open mind of a creative. I have to actively crack the door open to insure the influx of new ideas. It’s a good challenge, but the more I spend time on social media and on the phone, the less I feel that essence.


3) What is your greatest accomplishment (so far)?

My greatest accomplishment so far is my ability to rule over my schedule for the majority of the time and feel the freedom of being my own boss.


4) What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism to me is a philosophy that aspires towards a world where women are empowered and enabled to live out their utmost potential; equally contributing with our voices and collaboration so balance may be restored where it is needed in our culture.

A true feminist is a woman who refuses to recede into comfortable roles we’ve played in past eras, and seizes her opportunity to step into new roles in the work environment. 


5) If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

My dream super power would be the ability to time travel, but I guess I do that every time I put on a vintage piece from Frockify ;-)


6) What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is Brida by Paulo Coelho because it is the monomyth of a young girl full of adventure and reflection.


7) Who is the most important person to you and why?

My friend Heather would be one of the most important to my life. She’s a rock star mother, business woman, creative, avid collector of obscure historical treasures…and on top of it she has great beauty; because of this she gets a lot of hate and envy but she’s always overcoming with her laughter, strength and her incredible heart. She played a huge role in encouraging me by example and pushing me to overcome my own BS fears and insecurities.


8) You are multi-talented. Tell us about other projects you are constantly working on.

The project I’m most excited about is my upcoming album with a producer, Gardner Cole. He produced for Madonna, Amy Grant, and many other artists I grew up listening to.

He has remained with Warner Bros and stuck with the label and his craft through the many changes the music industry has seen. He called me into the studio to sing on a track for a Christmas movie. We experimented a bit and what we were creating was just magic. We decided to do an album.


9) What is one thing you absolutely love and one thing you absolutely hate about living in NYC?

Oh the duality…there is always an inner tension that has to be actively channeled into hard work. Everything you could dream of is here, and so is everything you could nightmare about. It’s a thin line - like walking a tight rope. If you lean slightly to the left and dip your toe in the lava pool to feel things out, it burns.


10) What do you want the world to know about Genevieve Liberté? 

That I have a big fat secret….and its not just my secret, but the Universe’s. 


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Photos by Andie Mistler.



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