Frockify Featured on Sustainability Vlog

Sustainability is important in all facets of our lives, and vintage clothing is just one way to contribute to this powerful and liberating way of living. Watch this great video blog from Erika Summers on 10 Ways to Green Your Home, and she mentions Frockify! After you watch the video, read our statement of sustainability below. Enjoy!




Vintage clothing is simply more sustainable than new clothing. When you buy something vintage, or second-hand, you are participating in eliminating the need for producing new fabrics manufactured with oil-based petroleum, eliminating the use of water for farming cotton or dying fabric, and eliminating the need to get new leather, suede, and fur from animals.

Although we do provide real leather, suede, and fur items through Frockify, all of those items are at least two decades old, most more than 40 years old. We don’t condone the non-ethical, environmentally damaging process of producing new leather to make clothing. We sell vintage, which are articles of clothing dating back twenty years ago and prior.
For newer companies that use vintage fabrics for making new items, we applaud them. Those companies reduce the use of precious resources, like water, and that is where we need to be heading.
Continue to shop small, shop vintage, and shop rad.

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