Gaga for Gucci

I love estate sales. I go to numerous estates sales every week. It's such a thrill to be able to scour through people's diverse homes and to see what kind of lives they led. Is that creepy? I don't mean it to be...

A normal estate sale day, I get up at 5, get my big Costco reusable bags ready in the car, stop at Copper Star Coffee for the most delicious chai, drive near or far (usually far), listen to NPR or the newest music on Alt Nation, and then usually get to the estate by around 7 am. Some estate sales open at 7, some at 8, but you always want to get there early because there are some SERIOUS estate sale hunters that will get everything before you do. You just have to beat them at their game.

But this is not what happened the day I found my 70's Gucci skirt. 

I was off my game. I didn't check local sales all week, and it was already Thursday. So when Michael went to work, I started looking through the sales and found two really good ones. One just had a closet full of "vintage clothing", and the other was a "high end vintage sale", where I knew the Gucci skirt was because there was a photo of it. 

So I showered, and got ready, and then decided to head out and go to these sales. Normally if I see a photo of something I really like, I would have jumped all over it and made sure I got it first. But that particular sale looked very expensive, so I decided to not get my hopes high and went to the other estate sale with the closet full of unknowns.

The unknowns were a gold mine. I finally arrived at 10 am and there were a TON of people there, so I didn't think there would be anything left for me. As it turns out, it seemed as though the closet was untouched. I found a 60's Mollie Parnis mini dress, 60's Donald Brooks, great Guess denim, 50's Saks two piece suits, and so much more. I was so happy! I couldn't believe it. Even though that would have been enough to satisfy my day, I decided to go the extra 15 minutes and check out the expensive sale. 

When I got there, it wasn't crowded at all, maybe five people. Everything seemed to still be there based on the photos I saw before-hand. So I looked at the skirt, inspected it, and it looked great, but it had a price tag with a big number on it. So, I held onto it and looked at the crazy-expensive furs, and old Chanel, and so on. I found a leather jacket I liked and picked that up too. So I went to the cashier person and asked if he could do better on the price. Immediately he dropped the price $40. So, I gave him an offer lower than that, and he accepted. SCORE NUMBER TWO. 

I'm glad I offered an amount. I'm always so nervous to do that, especially with items I know are worth a lot of money. But, we all have to make a dime, and obviously they made their margin since he accepted my offer. What a fabulous and unexpected estate sale day! :) 

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