Muse: Sara Mantich

I absolutely love social media because you get to meet people you never would have otherwise. That's exactly how Sara and I met; on Instagram. I followed Sara because her photography was so crisp, full of youth, and captures the way I like to look at fashion - as a tangible part of every day life. She is able to capture models in their element and the clothing just feels so real and connected to the models' lives. I love that the photos she took for Frockify, she made it look like the models wear the clothes on a daily basis. They feel so natural. That's what I want. I want people to see the frocks we provide in the way they would want to wear it. Even though we are states away, we were able to collaborate and create a beautiful story that I couldn't be happier with. In our Frockify Q&A series, get to know Sara Mantich
What is your favorite photography medium?
Though I exclusively take my professional work digitally, I do prefer film photography more.  Different forms such as tin types and large format film are what I love to work on when I have time. The process is a challenge to work with but in a good way. 
Explain when you first were interested in photography.
 In 6th grade my life was occupied by swimming and school, and at night I would unwind by scrolling through my Instagram feed. I started to notice that the photographs that I was most interested in were taken by kids my age. I thought to my self, "Hey, I can do this too." From then on I've been experimenting with different photography mediums and styles, but no matter what, I'm looking at my life through my view finder. 
What do you do on your free time, or when you are not photographing?
 If I'm not photographing, then I'm editing the pictures haha. My work consumes most of my life nowadays, but in my downtime I usually just watch Netflix or start to plan my next shoot. 
What are three of your favorite places to eat or drink in Chicago?
Easy question. L'Appetito near Water Tower is some of the most inexpensive, but best Italian cafés in Chicago. It's one of my favorite places to eat after a shoot near Oak Street Beach. 
When I'm on the other side of the city near Chinatown, then I go to a bakery on the strip. I honestly can't even tell you then name of it. My friend showed it to me my first time in Chinatown, and I've gone there every time since.
Also, Joyee for a Thai ice coffee freeze. Oh my gosh!
Where are your must-stops when it comes to shopping or art in Chicago?
I normally don't go to shopping or to museums when I'm downtown, but I do frequent the Chicago cultural center often to walk though a couple of the free exhibits.
From where do you draw your inspiration?
 Personally, there isn't one specific place. Though flipping through magazines such as Dazed, Bullett, Nylon, and I-D do help when I find myself in a creative rut. 
What is one thing you can’t leave home without?
 Any form of camera. If I don't have my heavy digital camera with me, then I bring along my film camera or even my disposable.
What is one thing that you want the world to know about Sara Mantich?
I'm going to work hard and do whatever I can to achieve my dreams.

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