Muse: Izzy Baker

Lucky for me, I get to meet inspiring women randomly and usually through social media. I met Izzy because she is a friend (and theater mates) with one of my models, Mia Longenecker (more on her soon!). They were working together on Salomé with Sacred Circle Theater Company. When Izzy saw that Mia had modeled for us, she reached out to see if we needed another model. We always need more models, and I felt so happy that she was interested! 

When I first arrived to her Bed Stuy apartment, I was totally jealous of her living situation. She lives alone; she has the entire gorgeous brownstone bottom half to herself. Her living room was full of guitars and cool vintage furniture and a keyboard. It was serene. She took me up to her room and showed me her large shoe collection so we could start putting some looks together. When she was changing into her first look in the bathroom, I looked up and noticed a HUGE cockroach high up on her bedroom brick wall. I panicked on the inside but kept my cool on the outside. I waited for her to come out and then I said, "So, I don't want to freak you out or anything, but there is a huge cockroach on your wall."  She looked up and kind of freaked out the same way I would, so I knew I was in good company. Some people feel like all living things, including scary ass cockroaches, deserve to live (which is amazing, no judgement), but I think that when one of those is near me, I find a way to destroy it.

So she immediately grabbed a book and found something to stand on, then bravely smashed it. We both screamed. Loudly. It was like 10 feet high, so smashing something that high above your head is not only difficult, but totally terrifying (in case it jumps on you). From that moment on, we connected, had some coffee, and was able to have a great and successful photoshoot! In our Q&A series, meet Izzy Baker.

Q&A with Izzy

  • How would you describe your music style?

  • Hah that's a tough-y. Technically on my own I'm "girl with guitar" (or folk) music...but what I'm most inspired by is classic rock, r&b, funk, hip hop, and the occasional "indie" group with that old sound. Also old pop (think Michael Jackson). I could go on, can you tell?

  • What obstacles have you had to conquer being a female in the music industry?

  • The kinda things you'd guess - guys who want to "collaborate," and the classic "wow, you're good for a girl!" You definitely have to prove yourself, not only in musicianship but as a woman who's not to be f****d with, and then the boys take you seriously. Maybe this is true for guys too to an extent, but as I'm not one, it feels like it's more true for women.

  • What kind of music moves you more than any other kind of music?

  • Ah so tough! Robert Plant's voice singing Jay-Z's lyrics over a poignant, groovin' but also mellow, classic rock song with soul vibes....Does that count?

  • What are three of your favorite places to eat or drink in Brooklyn or Manhattan?
  • I don't eat out much, but when I do it's Dough Donuts or Momofuku bagel bombs & cookies if I've been behaving.

  • Where are your must-stops when it comes to shopping or art in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

  • Brooklyn botanic is always nice, Rockaway beach, and Trader Joe's - so cheap! I mostly online shop for clothes, and thrift when I visit my parents.

  • You’ve got incredible style. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

  • Thank you, likewise ;) I've always been drawn to old everything, from 1800's NYC (think Gangs of New York) to 60's-70's hippie culture, to early bohemian & beatnik culture, and also casual/street wear & menswear of all eras.

  • What is one thing you can’t leave home without?

  • Eww I hate that I'm writing this. iPhone.

    What is one thing that you want the world to know about Isabelle Baker?

    Isabelle Baker wants to know about the world more than she wants the world to know about her. But she does not like people who aren't nice/also trying to know about the world.


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